Stephanie spent most of her youth performing in the theater and perfecting her harmonies with her siblings, but always loved singing in front of a live band best. She feels lucky to have worked with so many talented musicians over the years. She’s done work as a studio back-up vocalist, vocal coach for young singers, director, and songwriter. Her musical influences range from Heart, Alison Moyet, Laura Branigan, Sheryl Crow and Trisha Yearwood to the Gap Band, George Benson, Kansas, Styx and Switchfoot. She says she sings so she can buy shoes!
Guitar and Vocals
Jim is a former member of Rule62, Rhythm Ramblers, Flashback, Cheap Date and now finds his home with Rockstreet. He's been playing since he was 11 (too many years to count). He loves any guitar based rock from The Beatles to AC/DC and says "If there are no loud guitars, it isn't rock and roll." Being a Cubs fan, he has suffered in life. He enjoys listening to and playing the blues. He says "At this point in life I enjoy a healthy bow---l of ice cream."
Keyboards, Bass,
Sound Engineering
Rick played in numerous bands in San Francisco where he honed his chops playing covers and originals. He has self produced three CD's of original material. After moving to San Diego and taking some time off, Rick reentered the music scene in Rockstreet. He is a big fan of horror flicks and was once a member of KISS, well sort of...
George has been a drummer since his teenage years in the Los Angeles area. At the age of 16 he performed in a band which won 2nd place in the LA Battle of the Bands competition. He later moved to Orange County California and played in several local bands and toured in the northwestern U.S.for a short time. He has played and recorded professionally including sessions at Capitol Records in Los Angeles. His influences are bands which wandered across the pond in the 70's such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Bad Company. Current faves are Nightwish, Rammstein and Blackmore's Night.
Guitar, Bass,
Born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus, rolling down Highway 41 this Pasadena native started his first band in high school. Matt has been rocking festivals, house parties, and roadhouses ever since. Influenced by the southern California sound from The Doors to Blink 182, and spending time in  New Orleans helped to form this  performer's style. Likes peace, love, and barbeque.  Favorite color is blue.